Estate Planning for the Family Business Owner 2017 |

Estate Planning for the Family Business Owner 2017

Thursday - Friday, November 2 - 3, 2017
Video Webcast | On-Demand
Francis Marion Hotel | Charleston, SC

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Absolutely superb. Knowledge – knowledge – knowledge. Great sharing. Speakers outstanding in all regards. (2016)
Enjoyed the optional Friday morning session – smaller crowd and more discussion. (2016)
Materials from Gorin and Robinson were among the best I’ve seen in a number of years. Very clear in covering complex material. Interaction between speakers made material more accessible. – Christopher Woehrle (2016)
Fantastic course showing how to build, protect, and transfer wealth as part of estate planning. – Christopher Woehrle (2016)
Presenters and materials all excellent.
As usual, the program, the course materials, and probably most importantly the speakers did not disappoint. A superb and excellent presentation…I believe that of all the seminars and programs I have attended or listened to over about four decades, this program sits right at the top of the list.
The speakers were great. The materials are excellent resources.
I will continue to attend this seminar in the future. This is the best seminar I’ve attended from a pure practical skills perspective.
One of the best, most practical presentations on the subjects covered that I have attended.
Spectacular! From the technical to the practical, the knowledgeable and personable presenters covered the subjects marvelously.
Very much enjoyed this seminar and the depth and breadth of topics covered. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this outstanding seminar.
The speakers were both knowledgeable and personable. I appreciated their stories and examples.
Day Two was awesome in topics and speakers.
I enjoyed the case study approach. Very practical.
Excellent CLE. Learned some significant information and had other information that I was familiar with reinforced.
Very strong and appreciated seminar. Thanks much.
Great program. Every attorney who works with family business owners should attend at least once. I repeat it periodically as a refresher and to stay informed of new developments.
The presenters were very well prepare.
Really great speakers. Loved the panel discussion for the buy-sell portion.