Cosponsored by the Environmental Law Institute

The Clean Air Act:
New Directions in Law, Policy, and Practice

Thursday - Friday, May 8 - 9, 2014
Video Webcast
Arnold & Porter LLP | Washington, DC

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The conference reflected the excellent hard work of its organizers. No matter one’s skill level with the Clean Air Act, the course provided relevant, timely information. The content and sequencing was excellent, and the presenters were, without exception, leaders in their field and entirely knowledgeable and understandable. Thanks for a great job.
I was thrilled by the vast and diverse expertise of the panels. When it comes to cutting-edge issues, a diverse group of innovators is particularly useful. Enjoyed ethics portion too.
The breadth of the course was excellent and the variety and qualifications of the speakers was impressive.
The introduction/background at the beginning of each section was extremely helpful. This was a fantastic program. As someone who is inexperienced in the practice of Clean Air law, I was able to follow all of the panels. I also have a much better sense of the current issues in this area of practice.
This program was great. It was a nice balance of overviews, but specific enough to be helpful.
This was an outstanding course. Great program.
Great program. Many thanks.
This is an excellent program, especially for DC-located attorneys.