44th Annual Advanced ALI CLE Course of Study
Cosponsored by the Environmental Law Institute (ELI)

Includes Optional Introductory Lectures on Wednesday evening, February 5

Environmental Law

Wednesday - Friday, February 5 - 7, 2014
Video Webcast
Washington Plaza | Washington, DC
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All presenters were excellent, without exception.
I thoroughly enjoyed the program and was impressed by the stellar panels. - Jeff Stravino
I really enjoyed the course – very informative and helpful.
Excellent program! Best environmental law course. Faculty was excellent.
Great overview of the environmental regulations and a great discussion about upcoming Supreme Court cases.
I enjoyed this program immensely! The speakers had a wide variety of backgrounds; they were extremely knowledgeable; and they were very approachable. It was a pleasure to attend, and I hope to do so again next year! Thank you! – Ilona E. Coyle
All presentations were excellent. Enjoyed the dynamic panel conversation on CWA very much. Thank you for an excellent environmental program!
Excellent course! Bravo! Another year – Another excellent program!
Great course. Excellent refresher/update. This CLE is by far the most relevant course (to my daily practice) that I have ever taken. The breadth of issues was appreciated. I appreciated the ethics portion. I was particularly pleased by the inclusion of Ms. Berlowe’s government attorney perspective. I hope to attend again in the future.
I had little experience with or awareness of the major issues and trends in environmental law. This course definitely changed that. The optional, background lectures on Wednesday night were very helpful, and the subject matter of the course, although advanced, was easier to understand as a result. I enjoyed the course and found it helpful.
Course is properly aimed at advanced practitioners. The agenda and speakers provided an appropriately focused series of legal updates. The pace and context were well-designed and well-managed. Thanks for all the work. Great to have student scholarship attendees – sparks all the right talent in a crucial area of law.
Quality of presentation and written materials overall best, or close to it, of any environmental law conference I have attended.
I appreciated the presenters who employed a more engaging approach, with one another and the attendees. It brought the topic more to life and fleshed out the kind of real-world situations attorneys find ourselves in.