Criminal Enforcement of Environmental Laws

Thursday, June 5, 2014
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Venable LLP | Washington, DC

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This course was very engaging in providing defense and prosecutorial perspectives and practices of criminal enforcement of environmental laws. The speakers did an excellent job with their presentations.
Moderators all did very good job of directing discussion and addressing questions.
An excellent and informative course!
Loved the format. Interesting and lively discussions and presentations.
Good course with knowledgeable speakers; good networking opportunity as well.
Appreciate that Block/Starr pursued additional information; asked follow up questions; generated further discussion. Great team!
Wonderful choice of presenters on the panels.
Definitely met the standard and far exceeded it, too.
This is one of the first courses I attended where both sides were presented and debated, which is extremely helpful. I also really liked the practical exercise regarding the internal investigation.
The panel moderators were excellent in guiding the panel discussions. The attorney presenters were top-notch in their respective fields/experience. As usual, an excellent CLE.