Commercial Real Estate Leases:
Selected Issues in Drafting and Negotiating in the Current Market

Thursday - Friday, November 7 - 8, 2013
Video Webcast
Conrad Chicago Hotel | Chicago, IL


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Lively, engaging, informative presentations. Format and interaction between participants was well synchronized.
This is an excellent program, with wise and pragmatic panel members—simply the best program I have ever attended.
Overall, an excellent panel that works together well. Great to get insight on what’s happening out there in the real world.
This program exceeded my expectations. The panel discussions were interesting and it was very enjoyable to hear the comments of clearly very experienced practitioners. All materials are excellent. Very good program! Thank you.
This is one of the best courses I have attended. Awesome faculty, very informative, lot’s of content. I am looking forward to reviewing the materials.
Excellent presentation as always. I especially appreciate the focus on practical issue suggestions and real-world observations. I’ve been to some seminars which are so focused on giving cutting-edge latest themes that the content has little to do with a practical, real-world practice. This presentation is a good balance of cutting-edge theory, with practical advice that I can take back and apply to most of my clients and associates.
This was one of the most content-specific and thorough courses I’ve ever attended. Very up-to-date and timely.
I really liked the free flow interactive format.
Good broad course that covers extensive body of law. For my purposes (expansion of practice into commercial leasing) the course was excellent. I suspect that over time I would want to attend a course that covered specific aspects in more detail, but for my purposes the course was excellent and the panelists were also extraordinarily knowledgeable and interesting.
Good written materials and referencing during presentations. Large panel, but each member contributed and added value. Good repartee among panel members—brought up excellent points and practice tips.
Written materials, especially examples are excellent!! Really appreciate flexibility of the courses also — I can make up parts of segments by listening to webcast.
This was a very informative and helpful guide to all areas of commercial leasing. Goldberg and Senn are pros — extremely knowledgeable and adept at conveying their knowledge in a way that can be understood. I thoroughly enjoyed the format and the content and will recommend the CLE as a ‘must’ for young attorneys like myself.
The administration of the seminar was outstanding — clear, concise, predictable, consistent, and competent.
This course was chock-full of very useful information. It was terrific having both landlord and tenants’ attorneys on the panel to get the counter arguments with regard to each of the subjects. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
I never attend local CLE programs and I only attend ALI-ABA Programs — best speakers, in-depth discussions. It makes my practice more sophisticated, which adds value to me as a practitioner, and my clients will benefit. This is a great seminar – I recommend no CHANGES!!
Excellent program, a TON of valuable information here that I 'll be able to refer to frequently.