Mutual Funds Today:
Current Issues in Fund Regulation and Compliance

Monday - Tuesday, October 28 - 29, 2013
Video Webcast
Washington Plaza Hotel | Washington, DC

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I thought this course was great.
I think the faculty was exceptionally knowledgeable and considerate of the class, even those who are not experienced in this area of practice.
I liked the representation of perspectives from firms, in-house counsel, regulators.
I found this course to be very helpful for someone who was already familiar with the topics but did not know very much in depth about them. I think it balanced the basics very well with unique insight at a higher level. I especially enjoyed the input from the non-lawyers or from the lawyers who gave insight about the investment practices—like the use of derivatives and how trades are affected. Hearing the perspective of a portfolio manager from someone who also had a great understanding of legal constraints was very interesting and useful.
Great course. I’m not a ‘40 Act lawyer, I don’t even play one on TV, but I am a lawyer at a ‘40 Act regulated mutual fund company. Your course has given me a needed overview of some of the important issues that we face.
I think this program is really terrific. It made me realize that I have a lot of bricks that needed to be dusted off, and now I have a lot of the mortar as well. I had consistently attended my prior firm’s IM training program annually for more than 5 years, but it was always over my head as a new lawyer. This is perfect. Thank you so much. The layout and progression of topics was great. The course materials are incredible, and the speakers were informative, expert, and engaging. I look forward to picking up more ‘mortar’ in the future. Thanks!
Faculty, presentation, course materials were all exceptional. This was the first ALI-CLE course I’ve attended and felt I couldn’t have made a better choice. ALI CLE can count on my attendance at future courses, if they all measure up and exceed expectations as Investment Company Regulation and Compliance did! BRAVO! 
I have been practicing in the investment management industry for a few years. The course was a good refresher. The materials are excellent. They provide a detailed overview with reference to the important issues of the practice.
I thought the panelists overall were very good.
I think this is a great program for lawyers with little exposure to this area. I view it as a refresher for me.
The classes were great, pace was good, specific examples were appreciated. The instruction well; it was very fluid and organized.
I thought the best speaker this year was Mr. Hamilton. While this seminar is always good and the panel is always engaging, he did a wonderful job kicking off day with really focusing on what is going on in ht e market today, which was exceptional and what those of us who attend frequently really like to hear. Great job by all.