Annual Advanced ALI-CLE Course of Study/Live Video Webcast

Commercial Real Estate Defaults, Workouts, and Reorganizations

Thursday - Saturday, June 6 - 8, 2013
Video Webcast
The Washington Plaza Hotel | Washington, DC

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Excellent faculty-astute and timely commentary on current legal and practical issues faced in workouts, bankruptcy, and reorganizations.
This was a great course! It is especially relevant in today’s real estate market. The faculty was a very good mix of practitioners, law professors, regulatory counsel and a sitting bankruptcy judge. They geared the presentation to make sure they covered all of the pertinent material. At breaks, the faculty mingled with the attendees to make sure all questions were addressed. I highly recommend this course to real estate practitioners and anyone else interested in this area of law. It is well organized and well presented. The course materials are clear and informative, as well.
This course was generally very strong. The bankruptcy program was especially good. The panel did a good job of remaining objective as between debtor and creditor points of view.
The panel was absolutely excellent; extremely knowledgeable and with much experience. Plus, the manner in which the seminar was conducted was very conducive to learning the material and to learning from the experiences of the panel members. I found it beneficial for each of the members to be able to insert their questions and comments during the presentations of the other members, that way providing us with the knowledge of all the members with respect to each of the subject matters. Finally, I found all of the panel members to be very approachable and willing to answer questions. Tom Kaufman was correct when he stated that this was one of the best panels that have been brought together for this course.
The panel’s experience, knowledge base and ability to effectively communicate the content were outstanding. The informal presentation style allowed panel members to add valuable insights into their own practical experiences. The seminar was well organized and I recommend it for both real estate and workout attorneys alike.
I have attended many of the ALI CLE presentations over the years. They are first rate sessions for anyone seeking familiarity with the topics. The presenters are invariably highly skilled, competent attorneys and judges. I have never been disappointed.
The panel-style presentation was both effective and more interesting that a single-presenter format. It provided a setting that promoted a more complete presentation of materials and legal concepts because each attorney on the panel provided varying perspectives and insights on the specified topics. The expansive quality and experience of each of the panelist also contributed to the effectiveness of this program.
I thought the class was excellent. I attended the course last year as well, and I actually got more out if it this year. The faculty interacted well, shared information and remained engaged in all the topics. I thought the continuity of the program was very good. I came to this class because I am responsible for distress mortgage loans at my company. As an in-house lawyer it is somewhat difficult to keep up with the latest developments and get info on what other lenders may be doing on certain issues. I like this class because it fulfills my need to keep up with the latest and greatest. The bankruptcy section was very helpful to me. Great class. Thank you.
Excellent Program