38th Annual Advanced ALI CLE Course of Study

Environmental Litigation

Wednesday - Friday, June 12 - 14, 2013
Video Webcast
Washington Plaza Hotel | Washington, DC

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Kudos from the 2013 presentation:
Good conversational and informed presentations. Very useful.
Peter Hsiao was truly excellent.
Kudos from previous presentations:
Very good CLE! This was my second time to attend I will be back and will recommend it to my colleagues.
The faculty demonstrations were very helpful in highlighting the practical application of some of the law and principles previously enumerated. Please keep these demonstrations integrated in the course. The course was quite comprehensive and extremely helpful.
The demonstrations were great—very useful.
I was particularly impressed with the hypothetical and ‘mini-trial’ presentations that were incorporated into the course. I have never seen a conference with such a useful and infinitive demonstration of expert issues in such a ‘real life’ fashion. I strongly encourage repeating this approach in future conferences. I found the course to be a broad yet comprehensive survey of key current topics and issues in environmental litigation. It benefitted from the wide range of topics, yet had enough detail that it didn’t suffer from being ‘a mile wide, an inch deep.’
Overall, great job covering a huge volume of information!
This was a very informative course. Usually environmental law courses cover ‘cutting edge’ law, which is, frankly, of little practical use. This course, however, will aid me with my day-to-day practice.
I believe the material was very useful, informative and practical.
Wonderful course. Loved the faculty demonstrations.
 Excellent course for the environmental litigator with some experience, which I am.
The hypothetical presentations were excellent, providing insight into techniques and knowledge level of the attorneys practicing in the environmental field. Overall, the course provided a good mix of lawyer and non-lawyer faculty and expertise.
I really appreciated the fact that the course covered substantive, procedural, and practice topics. The presenters were all excellent. I found the faculty demonstrations to be particularly interesting.
 Fantastic course. This is a one of the few CLE’s that is specific to my practice area.
Excellent speakers and the demonstrations very instructive.
I highly recommend attending ALI CLE’s. Speakers are well prepared.