Annual ALI CLE Course of Study for Inside and Outside Counsel

Fundamentals of Securities Law

Thursday - Friday, May 16 - 17, 2013
Video Webcast
Thomson Hall | New York, NY

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Kudos from 2013 registrants
I have been away from the practice of securities law for 10 years and I found the course to be an excellent overview of the area. I will recommend to my former law partners that they send all of the firm 's associates to this seminar--I wish I had done so as an associate. Thanks
The speakers did a good job - they are clearly subject matter experts. It was a good variety of speakers.
This is one of the best CLE courses I have ever attended based on the material covered and the quality of the faculty. Superb in all regards.
Kudos from past presentations:
One of the best CLE courses I’ve ever taken.
I work in-house in a small manufacturing firm. If or when the need arises, I would retain any one of these four panelists. They are extremely knowledgeable and are great presenters.
The presenters were among the best I have ever heard: Knowledgeable, concise, excellent speaking ability, good teaching skills.
Excellent overview of securities laws and the practice of law in their area. Materials look like they will serve as an excellent resource for future reference as needed.
Crisp, well paced delivery by a panel of experienced lawyers and professors—using well organized materials that will be an excellent in-office resource. Thanks for an excellent program.
Presenters were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Course was very good, especially enjoyed hearing from those who helped write the rules to get insight into what they were thinking.
Excellent course and book materials. Thorough presentation.
All of the presenters were very knowledgeable and did a nice job of presenting the info. Great program.
I feel that the panel worked well together. It made the subject matter more interesting.
A well-structured program that was presented very well. It encourages me to attend other ALI CLE programs.
Great coverage of material. Presentations were lively and engaging.