49th Annual Summer Program at the University of Wisconsin
Cosponsored by Continuing Legal Education for Wisconsin (CLEW)
Plus an Optional Sunday Afternoon Session on Wealth Transfer Taxation (June 23

Estate Planning in Depth

Sunday - Friday, June 23 - 28, 2013
Video Webcast
University of Wisconsin Law School | Madison, WI

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Kudos from the 2013 presentation:
Wonderful selection of topics.
Fine speakers and materials. Very instructive.
Very thorough and informative.
Kudos from previous presentations:
The course was terrific again. Madison is a wonderful location. Food service at the dorm couldn’t be better. I am looking forward to attending next year. The onsite staff did a great job, as usual.
Terrifically knowledgeable faculty with excellent practical examples.
This is an excellent course, especially for where I am in my practice. I am a better estate planner (and drafter) as a result. The level of instruction gives me a balanced look at (1) review of topics I am already comfortable with, and (2) challenging information that forces me to think about different issues.
Fantastic speakers and event. I thought all the speakers were very knowledgeable and the materials will be useful for years to come. Also the staff was very friendly and accommodating.
This was a comprehensive, educational, professional environment. It brought my understanding up on the various interrelationships and dependencies on financial and succession planning. The sessions on charity and elderly planning were particularly enlightening. Course was well worth it.