Tax Exempt Organizations:
An Advanced Course

Thursday - Friday, October 18 - 19, 2012
Video Webcast
Washington Plaza | Washington, DC

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It was timely, an advanced level, and I came away with valuable knowledge for my clients, and it built on what I already knew. The course materials were uniformly excellent.
Good course. Very helpful and informative.
Sessions informative and covered well-rounded breadth of topics. Enjoyed attending.
I greatly appreciate the step-up – that is, the more advanced nature of the program It was one of the reason I selected this conference and you met, and in some instances, exceeded my expectations.
The course was well organized and structured. The presenters were excelled and well qualified.
An excellent program. Focus on current top level issues is right on. I have been to several of these programs and this one contained the most material relevant in my life. The speakers were all excellent. The work that was put in was apparent. Well done all around.
About the best available for this subject matter.
Great idea to do an advanced course and try to bring fresh topics – I hope you continue this theme in future years.