Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Law

Thursday - Friday, April 25 - 26, 2013
Video Webcast
The ALI Conference Center | Philadelphia, PA

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The faculty was absolutely top notch.
The content of this course is excellent! It truly supplemented my general language of bankruptcy. I would definitely recommend this course to any young attorney who is new to bankruptcy.
The panelists were extremely knowledgeable and great presenters. Having bankruptcy judges/former judges was outstanding, especially since they presented well.
A great way to gain a general understanding of bankruptcy law. Excellent panelists and an excellent program. Thanks!
There was a lot of ground to cover. I’m glad there were concurrent sessions. It allowed me to pick the area I was most interested in, and it allowed more time to focus on certain topics.
Bankruptcy law is becoming increasingly important to commercial litigators. I had never studied bankruptcy law in an organized way but saw a need to have greater familiarity and knowledge of the field. These concepts have an impact in general commercial litigation. This course was perfect for me. It was a well-organized, well-presented ‘A to Z of Bankruptcy Law.’ It won’t make me a bankruptcy expert but it helps me see issues and problems in my commercial cases. – Kenneth A. Caruso, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, New York
Outstanding course. All presenters were knowledgeable and skilled at imparting knowledge. Their candor was welcome and refreshing. Bankruptcy is not my primary area of practice but the quality of the presenters/panel made me sorry it isn’t.
I came to the seminar wanting a solid foundation of all aspects of bankruptcy. I was amazed at the level of talent of the speakers. Because many of the staff were judges, I got the benefit of judicial opinion on specific scenarios. Each of the speakers were extremely well organized and had prepared themselves well for their presentations. It was top notch, well organized, cutting edge information. This was incredibly useful. Top notch talent and top notch presentation!
I am an attorney working for the EPA. My cases frequently involve bankruptcy matters on specific issues. My experience suggested that I lacked the big picture of bankruptcy law. I took this course hoping that it would give me the big picture. It did. Impressive faculty. Each presenter articulated subject matter in a clear and understandable way.
Wonderful interaction between panelists! I truly enjoyed the questions asked by the panelists and their skillful way of ensuring that the presenter covers all relevant issues. Lots of energy and great pace. Outstanding practical tips regarding motion practice, court rules, etc.
Great course. I have been practicing for 20 months and most of my time is spent in bankruptcy court. This course was extremely helpful in gaining valuable knowledge in my representation of creditors.
Definitely going to use your course again in the future.