Modern Real Estate Transactions

Wednesday - Saturday, July 26 - 29, 2006

W Chicago City Center | Chicago, IL

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This panel is the best I have experienced in many ALI-ABA seminars.
To a wo/man, the panel inspired complete confidence. It is an indication of the reputations of the ALI-ABA programs and the organizers that there were no weak members. Congratulations.
The program materials are a wonderful resource, and the inclusion of so many forms and checklists is terrific.
I am always impressed with the knowledge and ability of the faculty—it’s the best. John Hastie does a great job of summarizing the information when necessary and keeping presentations and discussions on track.
I enjoyed this course tremendously. It re-invigorated my attitude toward practicing law and thank you for that!
What I really appreciate about this course is the faculty. They are experts with very helpful information to share—practical and current. In addition, it is extremely helpful that the faculty does not assume people have a huge amount of knowledge and take the time to explain concepts in an appropriate level of detail.
Excellent course, excellent materials, excellent panel—lots of useful, practical information presented in an interesting fashion. Would not change a thing!
This was a great program for a young practitioner like myself. The faculty was very impressive and knowledgeable, and I enjoyed the dialogue format. There is nothing more boring than sitting through hours of lecture and I was impressed with the ability and preparation of the presenters.
This was an excellent course. The materials are the best materials that I have ever received at a CLE.
This was really an excellent program. And…the panel members were outstanding. I don’t practice in the area, and assumed the subject matter was boring (or that I would be bored). But I was not—and along the way I think I learned quite a bit, very painlessly. Seriously, this was one of the 2 best ALI-ABA and CLE programs I have ever attended.
This particular course enjoys a great reputation, and it definitely lived up to it!
This program further confirmed for me that the ALI-ABA programs stand head and shoulders above all other programs, especially for those of us who deal with properties across the country. This program is of the caliber that it is worth attending even if its location was in Gnaw Bone, Indiana (quite a scenic spot if you like trailer parks and camping tents). The combination of Messrs. Hastie and Weller as chairs is a fine one. They not only work well together to lead each session, but their contributions to the discussions are invaluable. The discussions among the presenters, along with their individual presentations, imparted considerable information that is relevant and of a level to assist even the more seasoned dirt lawyer. The addition of the provision of pounds and pounds of written materials (which include a multitude of forms) is an incredible enhancement to an already very valuable experience.