ALI CLE's Course Products

Long after ALI CLE programs have been delivered, they continue to benefit practitioners. Lawyers enjoy on-demand access to a wide range of programs and professional development resources. With an emphasis on flexibility and convenience, ALI CLE offers several methods of on-demand, distance learning including:

On-Demand Courses - ALI CLE's on-demand courses are powerful Professional development tools. Featuring streaming video, accompanying course materials, and user discussion areas, these offerings meet the needs of busy practitioners seeking to fit CLE into their schedules.

Coursebooks - The high quality materials that accompany each ALI CLE program are available for download. Practitioners may purchase entire coursebooks or individual white papers in an easy to use electronic format. Annual subscriptions to all coursebooks in a particular practice area are also available.

DVD Videos - When internet connectivity is not available, practitioners can turn to ALI CLE's DVD Videos. Each DVD is segmented into chapters for convenient playback on a PC, portable DVD player, or standalone DVD player. A digital edition of the accompanying coursebook is also included on the DVD in searchable bookmarked PDF format.

MP3 Audio Files - As technology evolves, so do the possibilities for professional development. ALI CLE offers anytime, anywhere access to audio programming in an offline environment. MP3 Downloads are an excellent way to stay up-to-date on emerging issues.

MP3 CDROMS - ALI CLE's MP3 CD-ROMS allow practitioners to listen to substantive legal discussions when and where it is most convenient for them. Each Audio MP3 CD-ROM is segmented into files which can be played on a PC, portable music device or on an MP3-compatible CD-ROM car player.