Hot Topics in Legal Ethics 2012 |

Hot Topics in Legal Ethics 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm Eastern
Telephone Seminar

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Solid practical tips; good insight on potential pitfalls that might not be readily apparent.
This was probably the best ethics program I have attended, very interesting and informative and the instructors were excellent.
Enjoyed the information. Will help me avoid similar problems in my practice.
It was very helpful to listen to a discussion by practitioners whose practices involve the day to day resolution of these issues.
Helpful information presented succinctly and clearly.
The presenters were well organized and well prepared as they didn't get in each other's way. I found myself taking notes to share, well made points, with the other lawyers in my firm. My time was well spent as the topics covered were not those typically covered in other ethics presentations I have attended. I'll be back next year.
I appreciated the conversational tone of the speakers and the interplay between them. It was refreshing that neither used a rote method of reciting principles of law, but instead discussed the cases and opinions in a collegial manner that emphasized the necessary analysis that must be performed when considering ethical issues as they arise in client representation. Obviously the speakers know their subject very well and are able to
play with the concepts.
Well worth my time, money and energy.
The faculty was extremely well prepared, and I was quite impressed.